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Blog Character Courtship Marriage Prayer

Ladies, Pray for Your Future Husband

As a single woman, do you think it's important to pray for your future husband? I've prayed for him occasionally,...
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3 Subtly Dangerous Companions

Most people are aware that it's important to choose our companions carefully—but have you considered that companions aren't just limited...
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The Comparison Dilemma

Who hasn't fallen into the comparison trap? I know I have! In a world that's constantly feeding us the idea...
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Blog Character Fear Peace Temptation

Practicing Gratitude

We've all had those days where almost everything seems to go wrong. You sleep past your alarm. Your car won't...
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Beauty Blog Character Modesty Purity Singles Temptation

Why Is Modest Clothing Important?

In our day, the culture has set the standards for clothing...or lack thereof. Sadly, many women (including Christians) have fallen...
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Beauty Blog Character Modesty Purity Singles

What is True Beauty?

When you hear the word "beauty", what is the first thing you think of? If you're like most of us,...
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Blog Character Friendships

The Importance of Having Godly Friends

What makes a good friend? This is an important question. Many people seek good friends and try to be a...
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Blog Character Courtship Marriage Prayer Purity Singles

Encouragement for Single Women

Encouragement for Single Women Many women are discouraged about being single. And I've been discouraged as well! It has been...
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Blog Character Temptation

Overcoming Temptation

The truth of the matter is, all Christians face temptation. But as believers, we're called to live in a Christ-like...
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